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Moss and Algae Prevention and Maintenance

Some people may find mossy growth on a roof to be aesthetically pleasing. However, moss and algae on your roof can cause increasingly harmful damage to your entire home over time. This can include lifted shingles, roof leaks, and harboring mold and bacteria.

Stay Out of the Shade

Trimming back trees is incredibly helpful for keeping your roof in good repair. Shading your roof makes it a more attractive place for algae and moss to grow. The shade prevents your roof from being able to dry off effectively, and it also protects any algae or moss growing from UV rays that would normally disinfect the surface. Trimming back your tree will also keep branches or other limbs from falling onto your roof.

Remove Debris & Clean Gutters

All of the debris that falls onto your roof is potentially a source of nutrition for future growth on your roof, and not just for moss and algae, either. As that debris breaks down, it provides a fertile base for fungi, moss, algae, and other nastiness to bloom on your roof. The debris can also serve as the initial inoculum from which these blooms arise. For both reasons, it’s very important to eliminate it from your roof, regularly removing debris and cleaning your gutters.

Resistant Materials

Lastly, you can work on preventing the growth from having a chance by using resistant materials in constructing your roof. Algae-resistant roofing tiles and metal strips both are sources of copper and zinc ions that are extremely good at preventing algae and moss from blooming in the first place without posing a risk to your garden. While they won’t completely remove the risk of moss and algae, they will help it grow much more slowly. 

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