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Gutters for Ashland homes

If you have a home in Ashland, Oregon, then you probably check and clean your gutters regularly. Rogue Valley Roofing works with all kinds of gutters and materials for installation, repairs, and replacement services in the Southern Oregon area.
Gutter Installation

Rogue Valley Roofing is experienced in gutter system installations for new homes in the Southern Oregon area. If you are building a new home or adding on to your home and need gutters installed, our qualified roofing professionals provide the knowledge and skill to get the job done.
Types of New Installation Gutter Materials:

  • Seamless metal gutters are custom to your home. There aren’t any seams, so leaking, clogs, and repairs aren’t as frequent.
  • Aluminum is exceptionally light, but it buckles and becomes damaged quickly in harsh weather.
  • Steel gutters are great for withstanding corrosion and hold up to extreme winds and rain well.
  • Vinyl gutters are inexpensive and standard for most homes. They are easy to install, repair, and replace. While they are cheaper than the other kinds of gutters, they do not usually last as long.
  • Copper gutters are expensive and rare on homes because of the cost. They are the most beautiful and usually found on historic homes along with wood materials.

If you need gutters installed on a new home, our roofing professionals can make sure that you have the right gutters for your home, they look great, and they are the right material to withstand the weather in Southern Oregon.
Gutter Replacement and Repair Services

If you have problem with your gutter system working correctly, Rogue Valley Roofing is available in the Southern Oregon area for replacement gutter services and repairs. Clogging, cracks, holes, leaking, and debris can weigh down or break your gutters so that the entire system is inefficient. We can make the repairs necessary to get your gutter system aligned again and make sure that your home is ready for the next storm that comes through Ashland, Oregon.

Repairs can consist of patching holes to realigning and fixing seams that leak. You may also have pieces of gutter that no longer fit properly or detached from the roofing, which allows water to cause damage to your home. While many don’t think about gutters being a severe problem for a home’s structure, the water damage that occurs from not having a proper gutter system can happen in just one intense storm.
Gutter Guards

Gutter guards come in different materials, but all do essentially the same thing, which is keep debris out of the gutter system. While the debris sits on top of a gutter guard, water can flow under or through the guard. While none of the gutter guards work perfectly, they are worth it if you continuously have issues with debris clogging your gutters at your Ashland, OR home.

Gutter guards can come in foam, mesh, and screen materials. You may also see surface tension guards, which are the most effective because they can be installed along the slope of the roof. Out of all the guards, the surface-tension guards work the best with debris from trees and weather.
There are pros and cons to each type of gutter guards, which is why it is vital to pick the right guards for your home. The material tends to match with your circumstances and the type of debris that clogs your gutters. A professional team member at Rogue Valley Roofing is available for all your gutter system and gutter guard questions. We can help you find the right guards and fit them to your gutters before the next storm comes!