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Roof Cleaning

Grants Pass, Oregon, is a beautiful place to own a home! If you do own a home in the area, then you know how important it is to have your roof cleaned regularly. The team at Rogue Valley Roofing has experienced in cleaning and servicing roofs so they can withstand the weather conditions in Southern Oregon.
Asphalt Roof Cleaning
If you have dirt, debris, grime, mold, or lichen on your asphalt roof, then you can expect it to deteriorate quicker. Having your composite roof cleaned regularly can help you keep it in decent shape, so it lasts longer than a dirty roof.
Cleaning your asphalt shingles requires a professional to make sure that the job is done well, and water isn’t trapped in the shingles and leaking into areas that cause damage. Another benefit of hiring our service technicians to maintain your asphalt roof is the knowledge that a professional has to alert you to minor issues that need repairing. If you need any repairs or replacements, we can give you an estimate for these services as well.
We will use the proper equipment and solutions to make sure that your roof looks great and is ready for the Southern Oregon weather and sun in the summer months.
Cedar Roof Cleaning
A cedar roof requires particular care when you live in the Grants Pass area. You may have issues with mold and discoloration from moisture or debris collecting on your roof. Cleaning a cedar shake roof with the right tools and cleaning solutions will ensure that it lasts throughout the weather and moisture that gets trapped on the shingles.
Cedar roofing is a fantastic way to increase the value of a home, if it is clean and managed regularly. Committing to regular roof care and maintenance will increase the life of your roof and keep your home looking great long-term.
Moss is a big problem when it comes to roofs in Southern Oregon. If you have a problem with moss, our professionals can suggest solutions to keeping it off your cedar roof, so it isn’t discolored and aging faster than it should. We will clean it and then make sure your cedar shingles are healthy and alert you to any damage or areas in your roofing that may leak in the future.
Tile Roof Cleaning
Having a professional inspect your tile roof is necessary, so you are aware of any tiles that need replacing. Tiles are fragile and require special consideration and care when they are cleaned to make sure that they aren’t trapping water in places that can cause leaks. If they are cleaned wrong, they may also break or crack, which creates problems in the future. Once our knowledgeable service technicians clean your tiles, they will inspect the roof to make sure that you don’t need repairs or have worn areas. Having a roofing professional inspect your roof and tiles regularly can save you structural damage in the future and the cost that comes with extensive repairs.
Good cleaning for your tile roof should include removing debris, moss, dirt, grime, and other nuisances that collect on your tiles. We will make sure that the cleaning solutions your roof receives are custom to what your home needs and ensure that your tiles stay in prime condition during the cleaning process.
Rogue Valley Roofing considers the damage that occurs from the Southern Oregon sun and weather when inspecting and cleaning your tile roof. If you need to prevent further damage, we can offer suggestions and increase the maintenance on your roof on a schedule that works well for you seasonally.