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Is the roof on your Ashland residence showing signs of wear and tear? Knowing the exact state of your rooftop can be a tricky road to wind. What you may think are signs of a new roof, could turn out to be a few simple repairs or a re roofing project. But on the flip side the barely noticeable water leak coming from your ceiling, could be a roofing disaster waiting to happen.

Like buying a car or adding on a room to your home, putting up a new roof is quite the investment and a decision that needs to be a good one.

Robert Rivero and his local, licensed and insured team of Ashland, Oregon residential roofers can provide you with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION home evaluation.

We are just a phone call away and if the unfortunate need arises we can provide immediate response for any emergency roofing situation.

Common Residential Roof Problems

  • Leaks – A leaky roof can be caused by a variety of factors. For one, there may be a damaged section of your roof, which lets the water in, like the flashings for instance. In some cases, the cause of the leak may be attributed to nail holes, where the nails have loosened and thereby allowed water to trickle down through it.
  • Moisture Buildup – Moisture build up in the roof can seep in through the decking and cause wood rot which weakens its structural durability. It also promotes the growth of mold and mildew and puts your family’s health at risk.
  • Ponding Water – If your roof has a variety of sections or valleys, chances are that water will accumulate in them after it rains. This stagnant water can start seeping into the shingles and shakes, and enter the roof and damage it. Aside from that, the water is also a conducive birthing site for mosquitoes, which are not only annoying but may also carry germs and disease with them.
  • Falling Gutters and Downspouts – Gutters play an important role in collecting all the water running from the roof and disposing it to the appropriate places. However, gutters and downspouts are also prone to becoming damaged, just like when they oxidize and start to rust. If the damage incurred is minor, a skilful roofer can still repair them. However, if the damage is extensive, then the best and only option is to have them completely replaced.
  • Punctures – There are different things which can puncture a roof and bore holes in it. Sometimes, the culprits are those large and heavy tree branches that fall onto the roof, or sometimes it may be the homeowner who accidentally steps on a weak spot on the roof and breaks it.
  • Shrinkage of the Roof Membrane – The roof membrane is prone to shrinking after years of being exposed to the sun and rain or cold temperature. When the temperature fluctuates, the membrane expands and contracts until it shrinks and becomes brittle.
  • Shingle Damages – Many residential homes have shingle roofs because they cost less and because they are beautiful to look at. However, they are also one of the most problematic types of roofing materials and require the attention of professional roofers. There are several things that can go wrong with a shingle roof. Sometimes, the shingles start coming loose, which can cause them to slide down and fall off. Sometimes, they curl up and break. Other times, they just lose their function due to age and deterioration.

Why The Rogue Valley Team For Your Next Ashland Re Roofing Project?

In general, a re-roofing project will require a considerable sum of money in order to accomplish. That being said, you would want nothing less than your money’s worth – and that is why you need to choose your roofing contractor properly.

  • Accessible Physical Office
    Many businesses have a website nowadays, even roofing companies. However, a website, no matter how well-crafted it may be, may not accurately reflect a business’ true identity. This is why when choosing a roofing contractor, make sure that they have an office which is local and easily accessible. Besides, when something goes wrong with your roof after the re-roofing is completed, you want to talk to an actual person face-to-face and not through a screen monitor.
  • License and Bonded
    An important consideration when choosing a roofing contractor is that they should be properly licensed and bonded. Ask if they could show you a copy of liability coverage and workers’ compensation, especially with their employees who will be working on your property. This is important because if a crewmember of theirs is injured while working on your property, you may be held liable. Aside from this, ask to see their business license and other pertinent documents to verify their credibility.
  • A Proven Track Record
    There can be many roofing contractors in one particular area, and that can make it difficult to choose which one to contact first. In this case, turn to your family, friends, or neighbors who have had had their roofs replaced. Once you have narrowed down the choices, ask to see your potential roofing contractor’s portfolio to see their completed projects. In addition, ask if the roofing contractor can provide you with several references of clients they have serviced in the past. A professional roofing contractor who prides themselves and their work will readily give you a list.

If your Ashland home’s roof suffers from any of the above damages, or for any damage that your roof may be subjected to, do not hesitate to give the team at Rogue Valley a call. We have the knowledge and skills needed to deal with all types of residential roof problems – from repairs to replacement, we have them all covered.

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