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Skylights & Sun Tunnels

If you live in Ashland, Oregon, and have a home that doesn’t utilize natural light well, you may want to consider a skylight. Rogue Valley Roofing has experience with installing, maintaining, and professionally repairing sun tunnels and skylights in the Southern Oregon area. Our trusted professionals are available for estimates and consultations if you want new or replacement skylight and sun tunnel components.
Skylight and Sun Tunnel Installation
Sun Tunnel installations are great for areas of your home that need lesser amounts of natural light, while skylights are better if you want substantial amounts of light in a room. It is typical in Oregon to add many skylights to a room, which helps open the space in a room and add a fresh look to the home . Rogue Valley Roofing has experienced professionals that have the right tools and skills to install skylights and sun tunnels skillfully the first time.
If you want to add some more Oregon sunlight to your home, consider skylights for your large rooms and sun tunnels for your smaller spaces to maximize the natural light in your home. The best skylights for your home will have a lot to do with your roof and the pitch. If you want skylights for a specific room, we can help you with the number of lights and the placement on your roof to get sunlight to shine where you want it in your room.
Skylight and Sun Tunnel Replacement
If you have a skylight or sun tunnel in your Ashland, Oregon home that needs replacing, Rogue Valley Roofing can get the job done quickly and efficiently. We work with skylights that are manual, fixed, and fixed curb mounted. No matter what kind of skylight you have, if it leaks or causes structural problems when there is harsh weather, a replacement is probably necessary to make sure your home is safe from damage.
You may also incur damage to your skylights or sun tunnels from debris or wear from age. We can replace your glass, the flashing, or the whole component. When we replace your skylight, we will make sure the damage didn’t extend to other areas of your roof and test the area around the skylight for proper sealing.
If you want to upgrade to a different model or type of skylight or sun tunnel, talk with one of our roofing professionals at Rogue Valley Roofing for the right models for your home. We can help you decide on the type of skylight and the proper placement in your rooms, so you get the maximum amount of natural lighting.
Skylight and Sun Tunnel Repair Services
Not only do we install and replace skylights in the Ashland, Oregon area, we also repair them when they need maintenance.
Reasons you may need to have your skylight or sun tunnel repaired are:
• Water leaking into your home. You may notice drips, pools of water, or discolored areas around your skylight or sun tunnel. These signs indicate a water leak and a high potential for water damage. Repairs are necessary, so mold doesn’t damage your home.
• A crack in your glass or acrylic skylight can happen because of age or damage from falling debris. If you have a break in your skylight, it can quickly start to leak. Fixing the crack and regular inspections will help your home stay dry and structurally sound.
• You may have older skylights that allow rooms to heat up and cause an uncomfortable environment in the summer months. Upgrading or repairing older airflow issues can help fix the problem with uncomfortable heat or chilly airflow.
• If you notice condensation on your sun tunnel or skylight in the winter months, we can make sure everything is ventilated and the area isn’t susceptible to mold growth. We will repair and offer solutions to the condensation collecting on or around your skylights and solar tunnels.