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It can be a real hassle having to put up with a damaged roof. When your roof incurs damage, it can lead to leaks here and there, leaving you and your family troubled and annoyed. Aside from that, minor roof damages can cause bigger issues to occur. A minor leak for instance, can let water in and cause the wood decking to rot, compromising its structural integrity and putting your family at the risk of a dangerous and collapsing roof.

The water may also trickle down to your walls and ceiling leaving ugly water stains on them. In addition, the excess moisture that goes into your attic will not dry easily, making it a thriving place for colonies of mold and mildew to develop and multiply. These things can cause a variety of health and respiratory issues especially among children.

Do not put your family’s health and life on the line. When you suspect that your roof is damaged, contact us right away.

Ashland Commercial Roofing Repair

We understand how roofing problems can literally put your business on a standstill. It halts the daily operations of your business, which results in lost income and profits. Although most damages to commercial roofs are the same with those experienced by residential roofs, there are certain roofing issues that happen only to commercial roofs, notably to flat ones.

For instance, water may strand on the flat roof because the roof drains are clogged. Sometimes, the problems may be with the mortars and flashings. Other times, the problem may be with the seals on the pipes that protrude from the roof, or the caps on the chimneys or the vents. There are certainly a lot of things that can go wrong with a commercial roof.

Do not let your business suffer. At the first sign of a roof problem, give us a call immediately.

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If you need a roof repair for your residential or commercial property, you can depend on the fast and efficient crew of Rogue Valley Roofing. We have the expertise to deal with all types of roofing problems at reasonable prices. Affordable and reliable, you will never need to call another roofing contractor again!

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