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Ashland Roofing Company

You Can Rely on Rogue Valley Roofing in Ashland, Oregon!

When it comes to your roofing installation, repair and maintenance needs you need an experienced contractor for the job. We are a community rich is historical architecture, in both our residential and commercial property. The vast array of unique and specialized roofing needs is like none other in entire state of Oregon. This being the case, finding the right Ashland roofer for the job is an absolute must. To eliminate the chance for low quality and a potentially roofing disaster, Call Rogue Valley Roofing. Robert Rivero and his team have years of experience on the rooftops of Ashland, making them the expert and qualified roofing company that our quaint and history rich community can count on!

Your homes roof is its most important investment. Call the experts at Rogue Valley Roofing.

Your home is your biggest investment, and its roof is its main asset. Therefore, it only makes perfect sense to keep the structure in tip-top shape. Imagine for a second what would happen if your roof started to leak, or were to collapse.

Aside from the monumental repair bills that this would lead to, there is no doubting your family would instantly be put in harm’s way. Structural integrity issues with roofs are quite common, and most people are blissfully unaware as to how long it has been since theirs was last serviced.

A great roof can save you money on a daily basis

If the house you live in was built a few decades ago, and/or you are unsure of when the roof may have been repaired or replaced, the crew at Rogue Valley highly recommends giving us a call! It is always better to err on the safe side under these circumstances, especially if the roof has already started showing signs of wear and tear.

Torn or missing shingles, warped areas, and leaks (regardless of how small) should never be ignored or put on the back burner. You never know when the damage might strike. Take it from a seasoned roofing contractor that has worked in the industry for over two decades; when it does, it is rarely cheap or easy to fix!

Need your residential or commercial roof fixed right? Call Rogue Valley Roofing!

Given the gravity of the situation, you obviously do not want just any roofing contractor performing work on your house. Hiring a company that lacks the requisite experience and equipment will only serve to cause further problems.

Not only does Rogue Valley have 20+ years of credible experience to back it up, our business has been certified with multiple, nationally recognized organizations. We have worked hard to become certified with GAF, PABCO, Duralast, and Versaco, a feat not easily accomplished.

Locally owned and family operated, our team of trusted roofing technicians has the capability to perform a wide range of services, including:

Skylight installs

Gutter installs

Porch, entryway, and overhang construction/extension

Single Ply and Torch Down commercial roofing

Rogue Valley is proud to offer 50-year non-prorated warranties on all of the products we carry. If you are interested in learning more about our services or would like to talk with someone today, get in touch via our website or feel free to give us a call!