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Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Skylights & Sun Tunnelss

Skylights and sun tunnels are typical installations for natural light solutions in Southern Oregon. If you live in the Medford, Oregon, area and own a home, you’ve probably considered having more natural light in your home during the winter months. While there may not be much sunlight during some months of the year, adding a sun tunnel or skylight can help keep the mood brighter in your home.

Skylight and Sun Tunnel Installation

Installing skylights in the Southern Oregon area is a specialty of Rogue Valley Roofing. You won’t regret hiring a professional roofing technician to install your skylights and other components to offer your home bright natural lighting. You can change the way a whole house looks with a few skylights placed in the right areas or make a walk-in closet special with a sun tunnel that shines in natural morning light.

Our installation services are available to help you customize your needs and wants for natural lighting in your home. We offer technicians with the right tools and skills to design and install the proper layout for the skylights and sun tunnels you choose to brighten up your home in the Medford area.

Skylight and Sun Tunnel Replacement Services

When you need to have your sun tunnel or skylight upgraded or replaced, Rogue Valley Roofing offers professionals that can assess the area and make sure the new installation fits appropriately. If you have a damaged skylight or sun tunnel that can’t be repaired, we can replace it quickly and efficiently to help you avoid any damage from the weather or water leaking into your home.

Upgrading your skylights to better or newer models is a great idea if your current skylights are older or cracked. You may also want to consider skylights that open or have solar power benefits if you replace your old skylights. Our technicians can help you decide on skylights that are newer and offer better benefits for your home in Medford, OR.
Once you have your new skylights or sun tunnels installed, consider maintaining them regularly with professional inspections. This will help you avoid damage from leaks and ensure that you don’t need repair services.

Skylight and Sun Tunnel Repair Services

If your skylight or sun tunnel needs our repairs, you may notice leaking, dipping, condensation, or water damage around the installation area. Our repair services are quick and efficient, so you don’t have to worry about further damage to your home.

Sun Tunnel and Skylight Repairs:
• Leaking skylights are typical after years of wear and tear or harsh weather. A skylight can also leak because of a crack, lousy seal, or damage from debris. If your skylight is leaking, Rogue Valley Roofing can fix it or replace it if needed.
• Replace a cracked skylight so that it doesn’t leak in the future. You may also want to have it repaired because it is an eyesore. Consider that the crack may be easy to improve now and less easy if the break grows. Having it fixed sooner than later is always the best option!
• Many people worry about condensation on or around skylights and sun tunnels. Having the proper airflow and seal is essential to limit condensation. We can offer repair services if needed and suggest ventilation to cut down condensation problems.
• If you notice that your skylights or sun tunnels are affecting the climate in your home, you may need to have the seals checked. An older skylight can heat up or make a room colder than you want it. The solution to this is regular maintenance and updating your skylight if it is too old to be energy efficient.