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Roof Cleaning

If you have a roof covered in dirt, grime, or moss, consider our roof cleaning services in Ashland, Oregon. We take care to make sure that you have a clean and new-looking roof after our we finish the cleaning service.
Asphalt Roof Cleaning
Asphalt shingles are also called composite shingles. Asphalt is the most common type of shingles in Oregon and may incur damage by moss and lichen. Removing moss and lichen from your asphalt shingle roof helps you extend the life of your roof. Our professionals know how to get rid of moss and use brushes to make sure that the shingles are healthy and free of grime.
While we clean your roof, we will inspect it and make sure that it isn’t leaking and doesn’t need repair services. If you have a chimney or skylight, we will take care to inspect and clean around them without damage. Rogue Valley Roofing provides the Ashland, Oregon area with regular cleaning, maintenance, and repair services for composition roofs. If you do have damaged shingles, our service professionals will make sure that you know about it and can give you an estimate for repairs or maintenance needed.
Cedar Roof Cleaning
If you have a home with a cedar shake roof, the cleaning process is more involved. Cedar shingles are more delicate and require a professional to clean and treat the wood, so it stays healthy and natural-looking.
Maintaining a cedar shingle roof keeps it from looking aged. Keeping your roof clean will help keep it dry, which is key to preserving cedar! Not only should you have your cedar roof cleaned regularly, but you should also make sure that tree branches and other debris are away from your roof. Just a light covering of leaves can cause your shingles to turn grey and old-looking.
If you have moss on your cedar shake roof, it could mean that you have to replace your shingles much sooner. Having a professional team use the right cleaning solution for your cedar roof will help you keep the shingles dry and rid them of moss and other debris that and makes your roof age fast.
While it takes more time and consideration to make sure that cedar is healthy-looking, they are worth the investment if you have a cottage-style home with a cedar roof. A cedar roof will add significant value to your home as long as you have it maintained regularly.
Tile Roof Cleaning
One of the best ways to make sure your tile roof is doing well is to make sure it is cleaned regularly. Once one of our professionals can inspect your roof and clean off the debris on your tiles, they will have the ability to view each tile and make sure that your roof has the proper maintenance and replacement of any broken tiles.
Cleaning your tile roof depends on the condition of the tiles and the amount of grime, moss, and debris on your roof. There are different methods to clean a tile roof because they are fragile and need a top level of care that the professionals at Rogue Valley Roofing take pride in daily.
Once your roof is clean, we can offer treatments that can help you prevent moss from damaging your tile roof and make sure that you know about any tiles or valleys that need attention. If you need further service, we will gather the information we need and give you an estimate for repairs and replacements. Having your roof maintained and cleaned regularly will keep the tiles on your roof in excellent condition for years to come.