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Gutters are a necessary part of keeping your home and foundation well-cared for during inclement weather. If you have gutters that leak, they can quickly become a significant problem for your foundation, roof, and walls.
Gutter Installation
Rogue Valley Roofing installs and works with all distinct types of gutters made from vinyl to wood in the Grants Pass, Oregon, area. Once you’ve decided what type of gutters you need for your home and the material you want them made from, we work to get you the estimate you need to plan on installation as soon as possible.
Different Types of Gutters:
• Vinyl gutters are the most common type of gutter installed. They are cheap and easy to install. While the life of vinyl gutters isn’t very long, if there is a replacement or repair need, it is easy to accommodate.
• Copper gutters are beautiful and look nicer as they age. They are expensive and rarely seen on newer homes.
• Steel gutters are great for weather that is harsh and withstand corrosion well.
• Aluminum is light and easy to install. High winds are not friendly to aluminum gutters and can cause them to need repairs quickly.
• Seamless Metal is used for custom gutters cut specifically for a house. Special tools are needed to make the cuts necessary for custom seamless gutters. This type of installation is costly, but there are fewer issues with leaking and clogging once the installation is finished.
• Historical homes can feature wooden gutters. While these are eventually replaced because of the damage to the wood and need for a better gutter system to protect the house, they are unique and part of many historical homes.
Gutter Replacement and Repair Services
Sagging gutters can cause cracks, holes, and leaks at the seams. Water will also not flow well if gutters are weighed down with debris and start to sag. Making sure to maintain your gutter system regularly is essential to extend the life of the channels. If you need to have your gutters replaced, our service professionals can come to your Grants Pass home and give you an estimate for replacing part or all of your gutter system.
If you need small repairs to get your system working again, Rogue Valley Roofing has the skills to patch, realign, and adjust your gutters, so they work well again. If your gutters are old, it is usually the best to replace them and enjoy many years of a gutter system that works well and doesn’t need continual repairs. Whether you decide to go ahead with repairs or have your whole gutter system replaced, it is essential to have professional installation services, so you can ensure that your roof and home are well protected.
Gutter Guards
Gutter guards come in many different materials. These guards are meant to keep water flowing while debris lay on top of the guard to be cleaned off easier than when the gutter clogs. Not only are they easier to clean, but they also protect the walls, roof, and foundation of your home when there are heavy rains and blowing leaves in the fall months. Having guards can end up saving the cost of repairs and gutter replacements because of damage.
Rogue Valley Roofing is available to help you match the right guards to your gutters when you want to install them. We can also inspect guards along with the rest of your roof to make sure they are working the way they should. While gutter guards are not perfect, they do offer enough protection and convenience that most homeowners are happy they invested in them.