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Commercial Roofing Grants Pass

Commercial Roofing Contractors

Building owners throughout the Grants Pass community understand the type of an investment that is made when it comes to their roofing need. Commercial roofs are much different from residential roofs in a myriad of ways, which usually means that the issues that arise from the former are quite different from those of the latter. Having a commercial roofer in Grants Pass that you can count on, provides a good piece of mind, and a key piece in rather large investment. Being a business property owner himself, Robert Rivero’s makes sure to bring a licensed and insured team which understands what the job at hand will entail.From a simple repair to a full commercial roofing installation, never under estimate having an experienced contractor on your side.

Sealing Problems

Some commercial roofs have pipes that jut out or penetrate the roof. In order to prevent rain water and other liquids from entering the property through these puncture holes, they need to be sealed with pitch, tar, cement, or other sealing agents.

The problem arises when these pitch pans are not sealed well-enough or have not cured completely, thereby letting liquid through. This is one of the most common problems we encounter with commercial flat roofs.

Clogged Roof Drains

Many flat roofs have drains installed in them in order to let water run through to avoid water stranding, which is quite common with flat roofs. There are many things that can clog a roof drain like blown leaves, dirt soil, or other small debris. This is actually a serious problem because when water pools on the roof and does not drain; it puts undue pressure on the structure and compromises its durability.

Split Seams

This problem occurs mostly with membrane roofs used in commercial establishments. Such types of roofs are generally welded together or glued in construction. Problems manifest themselves over time in the form of broken or split seams, which are usually caused by either inferior installation or normal wear and tear.

These are just some of the many roofing problems that commercial roofs suffer from. The bother that these problems usually cause the owner is minor, but over time, when left neglected, these issues can grow into huge headaches that will cause the business to suffer from lost income and incur additional expenses for the repair.

When such problems arise in your commercial building – whether it is a small leasing space or a large hotel – you should definitely have it checked by a professional roofing company like Rogue Valley Roofing. We specialize in all types of roof repair and installation, and have been providing these services to business establishments in the Grants Pass area for years.

Two decades later and we are still going strong, thanks to a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, not to mention some of the best warranties in the state!