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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Services in Medford

Rogue Valley Roofing is available to clean and maintain your roof in Medford, Oregon, and the surrounding areas. If you have a roof that needs cleaning, we can offer professional solutions that make sure it looks great and suggestions for extending the life of your roof.

Asphalt Roof Cleaning

A composition roof is the most common type of roof in Southern Oregon. You may see other types of roofs in the area, but most of the homes will have a roof that consists of asphalt or composite shingles. One of the biggest nuisances for people in Oregon is the growth of moss on roof tiles. If you have this problem in addition to grime and debris, Rogue Valley Roofing is available to get the moss or lichen off your asphalt shingles without damaging the structure or the shingles.

The cleaning process may require a combination of cleaning solutions to ensure the shingles stay in good condition, and the result is a roof that looks better. Regular cleaning is vital for a composition roof because it alerts homeowners to needed repairs and offers a way to stay up-to-date about the condition of the roof.

Cedar Roof Cleaning

A cedar roof is a stylish option for any home! While it isn’t as common to see cedar tiles, as it is to see asphalt, many cottages in Oregon have this type of roofing. If you have a home with cedar tiles, Rogue Valley Roofing can help you keep your roof clean and maintained. A cedar shake roof requires particular care to ensure that there isn’t water trapped under or above the tiles.

It is important to keep debris off your roof if it has cedar shingles. The debris can trap in moisture and cause discoloration, growth of moss, and even weaken the tiles and cause leaks. Once a professional service technician inspects your cedar shake roof, you should have insight about the condition of your cedar roof tiles and if you need to have any repairs or replacements.
Having your roof maintained and cleaned regularly has the benefit of a professional clean and a knowledgeable technician to give you advice and solutions for a roof that lasts as long as possible. You can also rest assured that your roof receives diligent care, and the cleaning process is done professionally, which delivers the quality job that your home deserves.

Tile Roof Cleaning

Tiles are the rarest type of roofing tile used in Medford, OR. Tile is also the most fragile type of roof to maintain. If you have a tile roof, our professionals can come to inspect your roof and consider what it needs specifically for cleaning and to remain clean.

Tile may collect moss, debris, and dirt that hinders the value of the roofing tiles and makes them look bad. Cleaning them can change the look of your home and offer you more years of stability with your roof. Always consider a professional when having your tile roof maintained, so you have the specialized care that your home needs to maintain the integrity of the roof.
The team at Rogue Valley Roofing has the equipment, knowledge, and skill to make sure that your tile roof looks good and is in top condition once we finish the cleaning process. If we notice any issues with your tiles or other parts of your roof, we will alert you to the potential problems and offer an estimate for further services. Keeping your roof in great shape is our top priority as we clean and inspect your tiles.