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Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Skylights and sun tunnels are an excellent way to add natural light to your home in Grants Pass. During the winter months, sunlight can be lacking in the area, so skylights and sun tunnels can give your home the lift it needs to stay bright all year.
Skylight and Sun Tunnel Installation
Rogue Valley Roofing takes pride in the experience and professional quality of our installation services for skylights and sun tunnels. Whether you want to add several skylights to your kitchen or a skylight for stargazing at night from your bedroom, our team will make sure you have installation services with the right tools and components. Having the confidence that your skylight won’t leak or disrupt the structure of your home is essential when you consider installation services.
Sun tunnels are a fantastic way to add small amounts of light to areas of your home that don’t have any natural light. Think about adding a sun tunnel to a laundry area, bathroom, or walk-in closet to bring in natural light and make the space much brighter. Sun tunnels are said to be more reliable and harder to damage than a skylight, but they don’t offer the substantial amounts of natural light that many want in Southern Oregon.
Skylight and Sun Tunnel Replacement
A skylight or sun tunnel that leaks or causes structural damage to your home may need to be replaced. We work with all types of skylights and sun tunnels and have the tools and knowledge to get them replaced or repaired quickly. If you have a problem with your skylight or the roofing around it, call Rogue Valley Roofing right away to limit the amount of damage.
You may need to have your sun tunnel or skylight replaced because of something falling on it from a storm with high winds or debris from a tree. While this isn’t as usual as age requiring replacement services, it does happen! We can show up with a replacement and an installation technician ready to get the roof fixed, and your skylight replaced well.
You may want to get your skylight or sun tunnels upgraded with the sale or purchase of a home. Our roofing professionals can help you choose the best replacements for your roof and show you the newest models available for homes in Southern Oregon.
Skylight and Sun Tunnel Repair Services
Many times, a skylight or sun tunnel will leak, start collecting condensation or crack with age. Most of the time, Rogue Valley Roofing can repair the problem quickly and make sure everything works well.
Typical Skylight and Sun Tunnel Repairs:
• There is condensation on or around your skylight or sun tunnel. If you notice condensation, contact us for an inspection and repair services. You should have the area checked for mold growth and make sure that the seal works properly. We can also discuss ventilation needs to lower the condensation.
• If you have a skylight that is made from acrylic or damaged glass, you may notice cracks. We can come to repair the cracks in your skylight or replace it to make sure that is isn’t prone to leaking with further damage from weather.
• The most typical repair service for skylights and sun tunnels has to do with leaking. Having your roof inspected regularly can help keep your components from damage that turns into a leak that threatens your home. If you notice water under your skylights, sun tunnels, or a discolored area around them on the ceiling, then your home is susceptible to everything that comes with water damage.
• Added heat from skylights can be because of a poorly sealed space. Consider repair services to keep your rooms cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months.