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Addressing Hail Damage to Your Gutters

Torrential hail storms can happen at any time of the year, but they can be especially prevalent in the spring and fall. If you have recently experienced a hail storm and have noticed potential damage to your gutter and roof drainage system, follow these steps to determine the damage’s extent and what type of repairs will be needed. 

What Problems Can Hail Damage Cause?

Roof and gutter damage often go hand in hand, so even with a drainage system that is designed to help protect the roof, large chunks of ice and hail can dent or even puncture areas of your roof and gutter system. Any damage to gutters, even more minor dents, causes water to pool instead of being redirected away from your home. This can then lead to further leaks, ice dams, and even damage to your home’s foundation.

Issues to Look For

If you can visually observe that your gutters are damaged. Perhaps they are now crooked, hanging at an unusual angle, or have become loose — or you can see pieces of roof shingle near your downspouts. Any of these circumstances indicate more extensive damage that your insurance company should be aware of. Be sure to call them immediately to report this damage and ascertain how much reimbursement you’re eligible for. 

Call the Professionals

It’s better to hire professional roofers and gutter experts rather than a general contractor or neighborhood handyman. In this situation, insurance will typically cover the cost of a repair by a certified company. The last thing you want is a sub-par repair that will fail in the next storm or someone who will use incorrect or poor-quality materials to save on costs. Contact Rogue Valley Roofing immediately after you incur damage and speak to your insurance provider so we can assist you in getting your gutters back in shape and ascertaining if your roof will need any repair as well.