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Uncommon Roofing Materials

You’re probably familiar with the more common roofing materials such as wood, asphalt shingles, and metal. However, people all over the world are making roofs out of other things you may not consider. These are some of the less common roofing materials people really do use to protect, stylize, and complete their homes.

Slate Stone

A roof made out of stone may seem heavy and difficult to use, but slate roofs have a lot of benefits. They’re durable and protective, resistant to various forms of weather, and are a cost-effective choice for anyone looking for a unique alternative to traditional roofing materials.

Clay Tiles

Similar to slate roofing, clay tiles are durable and weather resistant. They are also a stylish option if you like a Mediterranean or Spanish look for your home. A bonus is that clay tiles are environmentally friendly and can be recycled as needed.

Green Roofing

You’ve heard of rooftop gardens, but have you heard of grass roofs? Grass roofs, or green roofs, are made up of carefully planned vegetation that covers the roof when the plants grow, looking stylish and environmentally friendly!

Synthetic Underlayment

Similar to asphalt tiles but designed to be safer and more durable, synthetic underlayment is catching on as a roofing alternative that’s rolled out in strips and hammered down.

Solar Tiles

If you want to combine the benefits of solar panels with the style and durability of roofing tiles, solar tiles are an option. These provide solar energy while also acting as a modern and stylish roofing material.

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