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Is Your Roof Showing These Signs Of Needing Repair?

7968934_sDuring the winter months, the outside of your home takes a beating. The siding, windows, and gutter system all absorb a lot of abuse from the cold temperatures and storms.

But, the roof of your home probably takes more abuse than any other part. Your roof is the first point of contact for anything falling from the sky whether it be; rain, snow, sleet, or hail.

And, the materials that your roof is made of are highly vulnerable to the cold temperatures of the winter season. The expansion and contraction caused by the weather cooling off and then warming up can contribute to the overall breakdown of your roofing materials.

The spring season is the perfect time to check on your roof to see if there are any signs that it should be replaced or repaired. Once the weather warms up in the spring, it is a great time to check on your roof and ensure that it is still in good shape and has survived the winter.

This is also the perfect time to have any repairs or replacements scheduled because the weather is mild and the materials used to install the roof respond better to weather that is not freezing like during the winter.

Here are some signs that your roof is ready for repair or replacements:

  • The shingles show signs of missing asphalt, ripping, folding or warping. If there are patches where the underside of the shingles are exposed, or there is an obvious bare spot on your roof, then it is definitely time to have an inspection done.
  • The flashing around the vents, chimney, or skylight is damaged or missing. Flashing is designed to protect your roof from leaks dripping through the space around any roof installations. So, if the flashing is damaged, your roof could be at risk for a leak.
  • Check around the edges of your roof to see if there is any damage to the gutters or if the eaves are sagging. This could be a sign of severe water damage and should be inspected right away.

If there is moss growing on your roof, this is a sign of excess water or dampness. Moss needs water to survive so, if the moss is growing and green … there is a source of water in your roof.

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