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4 Ways to Tell it’s Time for a Roof Replacement

A new roof is a serious investment and not one you should enter into lightly, but it’s also not something you should put off. Timely roof replacement can prevent more expensive repairs, such as structural damage, wood rot, and flooding. Knowing when to replace your roof can keep you in control of your property’s safety and security.

Your Roof is Old

Depending on the type of roof you have, it can last from 20 to 100 years and longer. Asphalt roofs can last from 20 to 40 years with proper maintenance, fiberglass shingles last approximately 50 years, and copper roofs can last 100 years or longer. Maintenance, wear and tear, and weather conditions can play a part in how your roof ages. Hire a roofing contractor to inspect your roof and decide if it’s time for replacement.

You Notice Curled, Buckled, or Broken Shingles

If many of your shingles are in poor shape or showing signs of damage, a leak may not be too far away. Before damaged shingles have a chance to spring a leak and cause more destruction, replace your roof. Depending on the state of the shingles, you may have one to five years to invest in a new roof.

Shingles are Missing/You See Bald Spots

Missing entire shingles doesn’t always mean a new roof – you may just require shingle replacement. Large bald spots and granules in your gutters, though, may point to the need for total roof replacement. This may also be the case if you’ve replaced individual shingles so many times that your roof is a variety of colors.

Your Roof is Sagging

A sagging roof is a sign of a major structural issue in your home. Do not go near parts of the roof that are drooping down. Call Rogue Valley Roofing for emergency repairs. Your attic’s decking or foundational supports may be improperly installed or failing and need repairs to support your new roof. Our team can provide all your roofing needs in Medford.