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How to Remove Mold From Your Roof This Fall

How to Clean Mold From Asphalt Shingles This Fall

Fall brings perfect temperatures for working outside. While you’re out raking leaves, you may notice mold stains on your roof. Mold doesn’t just make your shingles look bad; spores can enter your attic and spread throughout your home. Fall often creates the perfect conditions for mold growth, with mild temperatures and plenty of falling leaves to trap moisture. Here’s how to defend your home against a mold invasion.

Protect Your Yard

Cover shrubbery around your house with plastic sheeting to protect it while you treat your roof. If you don’t have any on hand, hose plants down with water before and after you treat your roof to protect them from your cleaning solution.

Mix a Bleach Solution

Bleach fumes are toxic, so mix it outside where there’s plenty of ventilation. Mold spores can irritate allergy sufferers, so wear a breathing mask and gloves to prevent exposure. Use a bucket to mix a solution that’s one part bleach and three parts water. Add a tablespoon of trisodium phosphate (TSP), a hard surface cleaner you can buy at most hardware stores. Mix well and pour into a handheld pump sprayer like the ones used for insecticide.

Protect Yourself

Always save steep or high roofs for professionals. Slate and tile roofs can be damaged from walking on them, so it’s best to stay off. If your asphalt roof has a gentle pitch and you feel safe walking on it, access it using a sturdy ladder set on level ground. Use a safety harness to protect yourself and work when your roof is dry. Wear rubber shoes that have good traction.

Apply and Wait

Spray the solution directly onto asphalt shingles and let it soak in for half an hour, then rinse the solution and mold away with your garden hose. If all the mold doesn’t rinse away the first time, you may need to treat your roof again.

If you have recurring mold growth, talk to a roofing professional. It may be time to replace your shingles. Rogue Valley Roofing has been providing quality roofing service for over 20 years. Contact us for a free estimate.