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5 Exterior Home Summer-Cleaning Tips

Taking proper care of your home’s exterior is just as important – if not more so – than its interior. During your annual summer to do list cleaning this year, don’t neglect your home’s exterior. Here are five simple things you can do to make sure the outside of your home is ready for the warmer summer months ahead.

Pressure Wash Dirty Siding

If you have vinyl siding or fiber cement, pressure wash it to get rid of dirt and grime. Talk to a siding company to ensure pressure washing will not cause damage. When in doubt, use a regular garden hose and a soft cloth instead.

Clean the Windows

Cleaning exterior windows is something every homeowner should do at least once per year. Always use proper safety gear while climbing tall ladders to reach exterior windows. Hire a professional if you’re uncomfortable with cleaning high windows.

Clear Out the Gutters

Your gutters withstood a lot this winter – falling leaves, snow, ice, and debris. Check your gutter system for problems, such as clogs, cracks, or separation from your home. Clear your gutters of leaves, twigs, and other debris to prepare them for the fall and winter to come.

Repair Roof Leaks

Check your attic for wet, soggy, water-stained, or damaged insulation. These are signs of a roof leak. You may also notice missing shingles or bald spots when you look up at your roof. If you suspect a roof leak, come to Rogue Valley Roofing for expert repairs. The sooner you call in the pros, the better your chances of preventing serious property damage.

Schedule Routine Roof Maintenance

Summer is time to schedule a much-needed routine maintenance call. Rogue Valley Roofing will come to your location and perform a complete inspection of your roof. We’ll check for leaks, damage, or potential problems and recommend any necessary repairs. If we believe it’s time to replace your roof, we can complete your new installation on your time frame and budget.