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4 Signs Your Roof’s Shingles Are Failing

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you should know the warning signs of a shingled roof in need of repair. While a professionally installed asphalt shingle roof can last 20 years or more under ideal conditions, conditions are rarely ideal in coastal areas like the Medford, OR region, which has a variable climate and lots of precipitation. At Rogue Valley Roofing, we want our Medford area customers to know how to spot problems with their roof shingles.

  1. Discoloration

Shingles will naturally change color over time, but there’s a big difference between natural shingle color alteration and discoloration due to excessive moisture, mold, and other problems. A visual inspection might show that some patches of your roof shingles are distinctly discolored, and this is a problem that requires professional attention.

  1. Excessive Granule Shedding

Check your gutters. Do you notice a lot of small, black shingle granules accumulating in your gutters or beneath your downspouts? Your shingles will shed granules as they age and suffer wear and tear from the weather. Lots of granules in your gutters and downspout drainage areas likely means it’s time to consider replacing your shingles.

  1. Chipping and Cracking

While this issue may be hard to spot from the ground or even when on top of a ladder, it’s important to catch it quickly. A professional roofer can check your roof’s shingles and identify any problematic chipping and cracking that could lead to moisture damage to your roof and the rest of your home. Chipping and cracking are especially troublesome in the valleys of the roof, where the moisture from rain and melting snow travels the most down toward the gutters.

  1. Missing Shingles

A strong storm could dislodge a few shingles from your roof, and this is not a problem you should allow to sit unaddressed for long. Missing shingles means no protection for your roof bed against rain and other precipitation, making it easy for moisture to leak into your roof bed. After a storm, check around your yard for pieces of shingles or even whole dislodged shingles, and give your roof the best visual inspection you can. If you notice missing shingles, it’s time to call a reliable roofer.

Rouge Valley Roofing offers professional roofing services to the Medford, OR area. Contact us today if you notice any issues with your home’s shingles and we can recommend a solution.