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How to De-Ice Your Roof

What to Do to Prevent Ice Buildup on Your Roof

When winter comes, it brings snow and ice with it. All that frozen water can be a hazard for your home, especially the roof. Ice on your roof, by its mere weight, can damage your roof and create leaks. If the snow and ice buildup on your roof is excessive, it is important to clear it off.

The ice can come in the form of icicles handing from the edge of your roof. It can be an ice dam, which is a ridge of ice along the eaves. It can also freeze your gutters and downspouts solid. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with too much ice. Calling professionals is never a bad idea, but if you need to do it yourself, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Heat cables. This is a remedy you have to administer before the ice comes. You can lay down heat cables in a zig-zag pattern over your roof and in your gutters. They won’t melt a glacier by themselves, but they can create channels where water can drain.
  • Snow rake. A snow rake is a specially designed shovel you can use to remove excess snow from your roof. Be careful not to damage your roof, but you should be able to reduce the snow and even remove some icy ridges with a good snow rake.
  • Chemicals. De-icing chemicals work well, but they come at a cost. Avoid chemicals with Sodium Chloride and Calcium Chloride. They work fast but will corrode your roof. Use something that works more slowly. If the ice is thick, use a liquid de-icer.

If you keep an eye on your roof during the winter, you should be able to quickly identify problems. It is important to address concerns quickly, before problems develop. You can do some things yourself to keep your roof in good condition, but remember that if the job seems too much, there are professionals on hand to help you.