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Why You Should Consider Gutter Guards for Your Home

Your home’s gutters are some of the most important fixtures on your property. Gutters have the essential job of drawing water off your roof and sending it away from your home, preventing the water from leaking into your house or seeping into the ground around your foundation, which can lead to basement flooding. At Rogue Valley Roofing, we recommend all our Medford customers consider the benefits of installing a Gutter Guard system.

What Is a Gutter Guard?

Typical gutters have open configurations, allowing rain to flow into them but also allowing debris to collect, which requires consistent removal. Many homeowners consider gutter cleaning part of their regular home maintenance routines, and this is a good practice, but it can become tiring after a while. The Gutter Guard system exists to make gutter management easier while also preserving gutters longer.

A Gutter Guard is a simple but effective device that attaches over your gutters, allowing water to flow inside but preventing debris from collecting in the gutter. This ensures that your gutters do not sustain corrosion from leaves, twigs, and other debris lingering in them for too long. Gutter Guards also prevent debris from forming blockages in your gutters near the downspouts, which can easily lead to damage to your roof and the exterior of your home.

Choose Reliability and Safety with Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards install very quickly and easily, and they will pay for themselves when you consider the time and effort they save that you would otherwise spend cleaning your gutters. These devices allow water to flow freely into the gutters while debris that would otherwise collect in them simply blows away.

If you’re interested in trimming your home exterior maintenance routine, Rogue Valley Roofing can help. We have extensive experience installing Gutter Guard systems on all types of homes, and we can recommend the best solution for your property. Contact us in Medford, OR, today for more information.