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Top Roof Care Tips for Autumn

How to Care for Your Roof This Fall

Many of us aren’t aware of our roof’s condition, because getting a ladder out and looking at them isn’t the most convenient or enjoyable task. However, ignoring your roof for too long can result in expensive repair and maintenance services. The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests homeowners make point to do a quick roof inspection in the fall and spring, so now is the ideal time to check your roof before the weather gets chilly. Review the following tips as a guide to proper roof maintenance this fall.

Clean Your Gutters Safely

Safety should be your number one priority when cleaning your gutters and checking your roof. When using a ladder, ensure it is placed on an even, stable surface. Make sure the latter is secure at the top, so it won’t slip.

Remove Leaves and Debris

At least once or twice a year, you should take time to clean out your gutter system. If your gutters are clogged with sticks, leaves, rocks, seeds, pine cones, or other types of debris, the rain water won’t drain effectively. As a result, the water will eventually overflow and may cause serious damage to your home’s foundation. Overflowing gutters can also ruin your roof’s fascia boards. To reduce the chance of damage, clear your gutters of debris with gloves or a small garden shovel. Avoid trying to clear away debris with a hose, as this can result in clogged downspouts.

What to Look for on Your Roof

Unfortunately, the majority of roof damage transpires before homeowners are aware of it. Keep the following indications of roof damage in mind as you examine your roof. If you notice any of these signs, call a professional who can further evaluate the issue.

  • If your shingles are dented or curling, it may mean they are nearing the end of their functional lifespan.
  • Look at the areas around your pipes and chimneys to check for any loose substances or wear and tear.
  • Large amounts of shingle granules and dust within your gutters is a sign of roof wear.
  • Inside your home, look closely at your walls and ceilings for any indication of water damage.