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Preparing Your Roof for Winter

With the chilliest period of the year soon upon us, homeowners in Medford, Oregon, are just starting to get ready for the holidays. Prior to immersing yourself in your plans for decorating the inside and outside of your home this season, it’s important to remember that your home’s roof needs some attention this season, as well. Check your roof before the temperatures drop even further will help you keep your home safe and secure throughout the holidays. Here are three simple roof maintenance tips to tackle before Thanksgiving Day:


  1. Clear Your Gutters


Rocks, sticks, leaves, and other types of debris collecting inside your gutter system can cause blockages. The additional mass of these materials can also cause your gutters to collapse, or cause rainwater to overflow and seriously damage both your roof and home as a result.


To decrease the likelihood of these issues occurring, make time now to clear your gutters and continue monitoring their condition throughout the season. When the trees around your property finally become bare, you can conduct a more thorough gutter cleaning. If there are several trees surrounding your home, investing in gutter screens or guards is an excellent method of reducing the buildup of debris as leaves continue to fall.


  1. Examine Your Roof’s Surface


In addition to giving your gutters a good cleaning, it’s essential to look at and clear debris from the surface of your roof.  Keep in mind that even comparatively small collections of debris may hold moisture, which can ruin your roofing material. Eliminating pine needles, sticks, and leaves from the surface of your roof will help ensure it stays safe from the impact of long-term exposure to moisture.


  1. Check for Any Indication of Damage


After you’ve cleaned your gutters and roof, you can effectively examine these areas for any noticeable signs of wear and tear. Look closely for missing or broken shingles, particularly those that look dented or cracked. You should also look out for any indication of leaks in vulnerable areas, such as on the flashing, skylights, chimneys, and vent stacks.