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Spring Roofing Maintenance

The winter months can be rough on your roof. Through the accumulation of snow and ice, as well as other harsh conditions like wind, your roof is bound to incur some damage during this time. However, there are things you can do to ensure your roof is protected and the damage is mitigated before it gets worse. 

Maintenance Tips

To prevent premature aging of your roof, addressing possible damage before it accumulates and leads to more serious issues is important. With these spring maintenance tips, your roof will look better than ever just in time for warmer, nicer weather: 

  1. Check your shingles. One sure sign that your roof has suffered some damage is if your shingles are coming loose. Some signs of this could be nails that have popped up or shingles that look curling. If either of these is the case, it’s important to replace these shingles or hammer down the nails. Discoloration or shingles that look more worn out than the rest are also signs to be aware of. This may be a sign that your roof should be replaced. 
  2. Check for water damage. Heavy snow melting or ice buildup can sometimes cause leaks in your home. If you spot a sign of water damage inside your home, it is important to get this fixed right away. 
  3. Clean your gutters. Your gutters are meant to run water safely off your home, but debris can build up, blocking this passage. Before spring showers hit, it is important to get this debris out of your gutters.
  4. Flashing damage. Sometimes your roof’s flashing may accumulate cracks or rust. If you begin to notice these early wear signs, it is important to either re-caulk the flashing or replace it altogether to prevent water damage. 

Roofing Maintenance Experts

Keep you and your family safe in your home with regular roof maintenance. If you have any questions or need maintenance assistance, contact our team at Rogue Valley Roofing.