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Should You DIY Roofing Projects

Many homeowners enjoy resolving their own home problems themselves. They’ll do research online, gather the tools they need, and begin working on the issue. However, this can sometimes be more expensive than having someone else do it, and if someone is inexperienced, they can become seriously hurt. We’ve heard several clients ask us over the years if they should do DIY roofing projects, and while it’s definitely doable, we don’t recommend this for a couple of reasons.

Safety Risks

Whether you’re just removing shingles to replace them with new ones or you’re installing a new roof entirely, this job can be incredibly dangerous. You’ll be elevated high up from the ground, and if you don’t use proper safety equipment or protocols, you can easily slip and fall off. If you’re not in good shape, or if the weather makes your project more complicated, then your project can become a lot more unsafe.

You’re Likely to Make Mistakes

If you have plenty of experience doing home renovation projects yourself, you may be able to do a roofing job yourself. On the other hand, if you’ve never attempted something like this before, you may not do the job accurately. You may use the wrong materials or tools or damage something you need because you’re unsure how to do a roofing project. You risk something going seriously wrong if you don’t have the right experience, which is why a professional is more suited for this job.

Let Rogue Valley Roofing Help

You may be tempted to do a roofing job yourself, especially since there is plenty of information on how to do it. With that said, you have to be physically fit and know exactly what you’re doing. Not to mention, buying your materials and tools can be expensive. Rather than put yourself at a safety risk, consider letting our team at Rogue Valley Roofing do the job for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.