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Pros and Cons of Skylights

Benefits of Installing Skylights

Whether you own a residential property or a commercial building, you know how essential quality roofing work can be to not only improving the look of the structure but ensuring its soundness and comfort for years to come. One update you may be considering is whether you’d like to install skylights. As with any major roof improvement project, there are many different elements to consider—for example, you’ll want to make sure a skylight is practical for your property and will fit within your budget. Many property owners find that installing skylights can be quite beneficial for several reasons.

Benefits of Installing Skylights

  • Natural light. Skylights can provide the natural light that will have both practical and personal benefits for your home or office. Natural light has been shown to improve mood and can even help with workplace performance. It can also make any size room seem more open and more inviting.
  • Fresh air. Venting skylights allow for more natural air to circulate throughout your home or office. This fresh air, in addition to the air coming from your windows, provides an excellent opportunity for the cross ventilation necessary to remedy a stuffy room.
  • Energy costs. The natural light provided by skylights can provide solar heat to your home or office during the cooler months of the year, reducing your heating costs. During mild months, opening a venting skylight can allow cooling air to circulate throughout the space without the need to turn up the air conditioning.

Making the Decision

Skylights can provide openness to any space, allowing enough natural light to support better moods and potentially even better performance. Skylights may also contribute to more reasonable utility bills throughout the year. If you’re considering capturing these benefits for your home or business, an experienced professional can guide you through every step of the decision-making process. 

At Rogue Valley Roofing, we strive to help Medford area residents make the best possible roofing decisions. If you’ve been considering whether investing in skylights is right for your property, contact us today to learn more about what the process might entail for you.