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Preparing Your Roof for the Winter

Before the start of any new season, it’s a good idea to consider the maintenance jobs you should be taking on this time of the year. As the weather changes and grows colder, your roof is going to be faced with new risks and potential damages. Of course, it’s entirely possible to reduce the risk of serious damage to your roofing system during the colder months. All you need to do is take care of a few key maintenance jobs before the winter arrives. 

Take a Look at Your Roofline

This is one of the best times to make sure your home’s roofline is straight. For instance, check to see if there’s any curving, dipping, or sagging. If you see any of these signs, it’s essential that you address them, prior to the start of the winter months. 

Precipitation is often heavy during the winter, so if there’s already damage to your roofline, you’re putting the entire structure at serious risk. Instead, take care of any necessary repairs in advance — before they become far more severe after a heavy snowfall. 

Are There Leaks In Your Chimney Flashing?

When it comes to roof leaks, your chimney flashing is an area that’s highly susceptible to this type of issue. So, locate the strip of metal between the intersection of your roof and chimney, and make sure that you don’t see any leaks. If your flashing seems to be damaged or loose, you’ll need to have this repaired before you’re faced with harsh winter precipitation. 

Clean the Gutters and Remove Debris From Your Roof

Finally, make sure to inspect and clean the surface of your roof, as well as your gutters. It’s typical for debris such as twigs and leaves to build upon your rooftop (or in your gutters) during the fall months. So, at the end of the season, you’ll need to ensure that all of this debris is properly cleared away. 

Rogue Valley Has Roofs in Medford, Oregon Covered

If your roof is in need of any repairs before the start of winter, then it’s time to get in touch with the roofing experts at Rogue Valley. We can help ensure that your roofing system is in top shape before the winter months are in full swing. To get started, you contact us through our website, or you can read more about the maintenance and repair services we offer.