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How To Get Your Roof Summer-Ready

25535362_sYour roof is your home’s first line of defense against severe weather, and it takes a real beating during the fall, winter and spring. But, just because there isn’t usually severe storms during the summer doesn’t mean the weather isn’t tough on your roof. The hot summer sun can be brutal and especially on your roof. Here are some things for you to consider when getting your roof summer-ready:

Inspection. The first thing to do is for you to carefully inspect your roof to check for signs of damage. Sometimes your roof fairs just fine through the spring rains and other times there is major damage that you are unaware of. Check for things like exposed nails, gutters that have been ripped off or detached, flashing that looks like it is sagging or wavy, shingles that are missing or have been ripped away from their position, and clogs in the gutters or downspouts.

Clean. Because gravity pulls all things down, it is a good idea to clean your roof off and keep it free from debris and leaves. If you don’t clean these things off of your roof they will eventually make their way to your gutters and cause serious clogs, which will prevent your gutters from being able to protect your home from flooding and water damage. As you are cleaning the roof off, make sure to clean out the gutters as well. Use a hose to run water through your gutter system and make sure that the downspouts are free from clogs. During the fall and spring months it is typically for small animals to nest inside of your downspouts.

HVAC. Make sure to clean or change the filters on your air conditioner regularly. Not only does this improve your indoor air quality, but it also reduces the humidity in the air and prevents condensation from building up. This extra moisture can be damaging to your roof and can cause mildew to grow.

There are many other steps that you can take to protect your home’s roof from the summer sun. Things like aluminum coating can bounce UV rays off of your roof. Talk with your roofer about what steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your roof.

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