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Get Your Roof Ready for Spring and Summer with These Two Tips

It is common for homeowners in the Medford Oregon area to forget to check their roof regularly or perform routine roof maintenance procedures. Unfortunately, neglecting your roof for too long can result in serious damages to your home. Now that the weather is warming up, take the time to utilize the following tips to help ensure your roof is ready for warm temperatures.


Start with the Gutters

Prior to looking at any other area of the roof, examine your gutters and downspouts. These components usually catch debris such as sticks, leaves, and rocks, which can cause clogs and cause water damage to your home’s roof and other exterior areas, so it is essential to clean your gutters thoroughly this spring. In addition, the downspout is important because it is liable for directing rain away from your home’s base, so be sure to look at your downspouts for any signs of damage. You should also be sure that your gutters do not have any low spaces in them. Optimally, your gutters should only slope one inch for every 15 feet. If your gutters are sloping more than they should, adjust them to make sure your system works.


Check Shingles

The energy from sunlight can cause extensive damage to shingles, so spring is the optimal time to make sure your shingles are in good shape. Examine your shingles to see if they have become weak or have started to curl upward into a curved shape. This may indicate that your shingles are old or damaged. Either way, bent shingles will enable water to get underneath to the roof, which can cause expensive water damage. Many homeowners don’t realize roof damage until they notice signs of water spots on their ceilings, which usually means it is time to call in a professional and have your roof repaired. However, you can deter the chances of large-scale damage to your roof by looking for these changes indicating your shingles need replacement before they cause a major issue:

  • Curved or sloped shingles
  • Unfit and loose roofing materials
  • Worn out roofing pipes and chimneys
  • Large portions of shingle pieces within your gutters
  • Missing or deteriorated shingles