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3 Reasons to Consider a New Roof This Summer

As the weather gets warmer, it’s a good idea to take a look over your home or place of business and determine what areas need attention this summer. Summer is the perfect time to do home repairs – especially roof projects – thanks to longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures. The team at Rogue Valley Roofing in Medford, OR, wants you to know how to tell when it’s time to invest in roof repairs or replacement.


Shingle Warning Signs

A good roof will last approximately 20 years with proper maintenance, but the shingles will likely wear out much faster. This is especially true in the Pacific Northwest with lots of annual rainfall. One of the first signs that your roof needs attention is your shingles. If you can see bald patches of roof with missing shingles, broken fragments of shingles in your yard, or lots of black granules from deteriorating shingles in your gutters, you should start thinking about a reroofing project.


Water Damage

The roof of your home or place of business insulates and protects the interior spaces from water. If you notice leaks, drips, or wet patches on your ceiling or in your walls, it’s time to check for a roof leak. This is especially true if you notice wet walls. Water from a leaky roof can seep into various parts of the structure, which can cause wood to warp, drywall to crack, and even the walls of your home to start separating from the foundation. The sooner you address a roof leak, the more likely you will be to prevent these expensive damages.


Higher Utility Bills

A damaged or deteriorating roof won’t do a proper job of insulating your home. In the winter, warm air rises and will escape through a damaged roof. In the summer, roof leaks allow cool air to escape, making it more expensive to run your air conditioner. If your utility bills suddenly jump, you could be wasting money through your roof.


These are just a few warning signs of a roof in need of repair. If you’re not sure about the health of your roof, call Rogue Valley Roofing today for a quote on your next repair or to schedule a checkup visit. We’ll inspect your roof, look for any signs of damage, and provide you with a competitive quote to fix any problems with your roof.