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Common Roof Problems During the Summer


Every season has the potential to create different problems for the exterior of your home, especially the roof. During the summer, a roof can go through a lot of wear and wear due to high heat and a lot of sun, as well as storms that come with heavy rain, winds, and much more. It’s important to know the most common problems that can arise with a roof during the summer months.

Sun Damage

 The sun can cause a lot of damage to a roof because of the constant exposure. The sun’s heat can cause shingles to melt, fade, or deteriorate. To prevent this damage from happening, you should have a protective coating applied over your shingles.

Water Damage

 Summertime can also bring summer storms with heavy rain. Lots of water coming down on a roof can cause leaks if the roof is not taken care of properly. You should have your roof checked for any cracks and leaks, along with your attic to make sure you don’t see any signs of water damage.

Storm Damage

 Strong summer storms generally bring rain, wind, hail, and possibly even tornadoes. With all of these events, there is a possibility of debris being blown on your roof, which could cause damage to the shingles. It’s important to check your roof after storms for any possible damage that occurred.

Moss Growth

 If there is constant moisture on your roof, there is a significant potential for moss, algae, and lichen to grow. It’s very important to stop this growth as soon as possible, as the damage can be severe if it is allowed to spread.


It’s crucial to keep an extra eye on your roof during the summer because of the potential for severe damage. If you have roof damage or would like your roof to be checked over, give us a call today!