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Cleaning Your Gutters From the Ground

Gutters have an important role to play in protecting your roof and siding from water damage. Gutters carry water away from your home but must be properly maintained regularly. Gutters can become blocked with dirt, debris, leaves, and small twigs. Spring is a great time to make sure your gutters are clear and ready for any stormy weather ahead. There are several methods that you can use to clean your gutters, many of which allow you to work safely from the ground.

Water Hose 

If your gutter is full of light debris, all you’ll need is a water hose. It can be beneficial to use a tubular structure to better control the hose. This will allow you to aim more accurately. You’ll want to start away from your downspout, making your way towards it slowly. Once you have the right pressure to move the dirt and debris, you’ll be able to push everything towards your downspout. You may need to stop periodically to prevent any overflowing.

Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is another great tool for cleaning your gutters from the ground. Most leaf blowers are lightweight, which ensures your arms won’t tire out. If your leaf blower doesn’t come with a curved attachment, you’ll want to purchase one to ensure it can reach your gutters effectively. A leaf blower is ideal for lighter gutter clutter.

Power Washer

A power washer is perfect for tough, stuck-on debris that could be clogging your gutters. A power washer provides a targeted blast that can easily move debris through your gutter system. It is also a great tool for ensuring your downspout is cleared as well. When using a power washer, you’ll want to make sure you are aimed carefully, so you don’t cause any accidental damage to your roof or siding. You may also need to pause periodically to avoid overflowing water.

Let the Pros Handle It

The easiest way to clean your gutters is to let someone else do it! While you sit back and relax, a professional can provide a detailed gutter cleaning, as well as an inspection to ensure your system is operating effectively. When you require quality gutter cleaning, we can help. Contact us to schedule your next gutter cleaning service.