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5 Ways You Can Protect Your Roof This Summer

Most seasons cause their share of damage to your roof, and summer is no exception. However, summer is a good season for taking care of your roof’s upkeep. Though you know the common damages of summer on your roof, there are other preventative measures you can take in order to better protect your roof against heat and sun damage.

Ventilate the Attic

If too much heat builds up in the upper levels of your house, the build-up of warmth and condensation can cause the growth of mold and mildew. Adding intake and exhaust vents in your attic can interrupt that moisture build-up and allow cooler air to enter the space.

Clear Your Gutters

By carefully hand-cleaning your gutters of leaves, sticks, and debris that have built up during the winter and spring, you can make sure the gutters are fully functioning. This way you don’t have water build-up happening where it can cause damage to your home.

Schedule Maintenance and Inspections

By having yearly maintenance and inspections done by professionals, you can better ward off future issues. An expert can spot potential problems you might have not, and save you a future headache.

Adding Insulation or Shading

There are coatings and covers you can add to your roof to protect it from damages, such as polyurethane foam or other roof coatings to protect the shingles against water and sun. Insulation can also keep the sun from heating up your attic and causing damage within.

Watch for Storm Damage

A leak in your roof from a summer storm, left unattended, could cause severe damage down the road. Keep an eye out for leaks and cracks from storm damage to your shingles. 

Neglect of your roof is a track to allowing a slow weakening and failure of its function to shelter you from weather and heat. To schedule maintenance or have a roofing problem looked at in the Medford, Oregon area, contact Rogue Valley Roofing today.