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Why Your Roof Needs Proper Ventilation

You may or may not be aware of the ventilation in your home’s roofing system. If you have noticed it, perhaps you’ve wondered if it is necessary. Ventilation systems are responsible for moving outside air in through eaves and soffits, through and back out of your attic area through a roof vent or ridge cap.  A well-designed roofing system includes the proper amount of ventilation to increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and keep your attic’s airflow at optimum levels. The following are some of the reasons you need proper roof ventilation.

Roof Vents Extend the Life of Your Roof

Roof vents help to keep your roof cool in the summer, which keeps the metal from expanding and slows the deterioration of asphalt shingles. By keeping cool air flowing through the attic during the winter, vents reduce the chances of ice dams forming in gutters and other structural damage caused by winter weather.

Roof Vents Lower Energy Costs

A properly vented roof will keep air moving through the attic, pushing hot air out.  Proper ventilation will also help to keep both the upstairs and the downstairs more evenly cooled. This can allow your home’s cooling system to work more efficiently and reduce your energy bill.

Roof Vents Help Control Moisture

Roof vents keep air flowing through your attic, keeping the air from becoming stagnant and condensing on surrounding wood framing and insulation.  In this way, air ventilation prevents mold growth and wood rot that is associated with excess moisture. Wood rot can lead to framing and roof decking failures, as well as roof sagging and leaking.

Contact a Roofing Professional

Proper roofing ventilation is essential to maintaining the health of your roof, keeping your home’s energy systems running efficiently, and keeping you and your family healthy. The trained professionals at Rogue Valley Roofing can inspect your roof and determine if your ventilation system is adequate for the needs of your home.  Contact us today.