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Should You Cover Attic Vents During the Winter Months

One of the questions homeowners often have is whether or not they should cover their attic vents to keep the attic warmer in the winter. It seems to make sense because the vents allow air to move freely and keep the attic cooler in the summer, but the truth is you shouldn’t cover these vents.

Vents are for Circulation Year Round

To keep your home properly heated and cooled, you must have the appropriate amount of ventilation in your attic. Too much or too little ventilation can cause problems with moisture and your home’s energy efficiency. As a general rule, you should have one square foot of ventilation for every 300 square feet of ceiling.

Why Are Attic Vents Important in the Cold?

Condensation is a major problem in cold weather. In fact, the colder the climate is that you live in, the more you will have to deal with condensation. For this reason, attic vents are essential to homes in cold climates, and they should never be covered in the wintertime. As the warm air in your home rises, moisture condensation occurs in the attic, and the accumulation of moisture can result in mold and mildew growth and rotting. In addition to the health issues posed by mold, these issues can cause damage that costs tens of thousands of dollars to fix.

Does Heat Escape Through Attic Vents in the Winter?

Since your attic is insulated, the amount of heat that escapes through the vents in the winter is very minimal and has little effect on your home heating bills. Since you are not going to be actually heating your attic in most cases, there is not much heat loss from your home heating system. The benefits of relieving condensation greatly outweigh the minor loss of heat.

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