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How to Take Care of a Metal Roof

Roofs all come with a certain amount of necessary care and maintenance. While metal roofs last longer and are sturdier against the elements compared to asphalt, they still need to be cared for to get the most out of your metal roof’s lifetime.

Nothing is indestructible. Metal roofs will still wear and tear over a period of time, even if that length of time is years, if not decades. To prevent damage to your metal roof, you can take some measures to avoid damaging the roof unintentionally.

  1. Don’t let debris accumulate on the roof.

Metal roofs usually have a finish on them which can be clear or painted. This finish protects the metal from rusting, UV light, and water, ensuring it lasts for the full expected lifetime. When debris starts to decompose on a roof, some finishes may end up decomposing with it—destroying the protective finish in the process.

  1. Try to keep people from walking on it.

Although metal roofs are sturdy, they are susceptible to blunt impacts, dents, and warping. This is partly why hail can be so detrimental to metal roofs. If you can, try to prevent walking on the roof as much as possible to ensure that no damage happens to it unintentionally.

  1. Fix fasteners.

Fasteners are what hold all of the metal up on your roof. Similar to the staples or roofing nails that shingles use, they hold everything up on your roof. These fasteners can be damaged over time or by debris. You might need to hire professional help to put the fasteners up for you.

  1. Repair holes or separations

Holes and separations aren’t unique to metal roofs—any roof can get them. Unlike asphalt roofs, though, you might need more professional help to get the repair done right the first time.

  1. Don’t let trees rub against the roof.

Metal and the finish on the metal can be scratched or damaged. Trees that brush against a metal roof can cause scratches in the long run, resulting in ugly streaks running across the roof of your house.

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