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Has a Storm Damaged Your Roof? Here’s What to Do

Summer storms are a significant possibility here in the Medford area. While most produce nothing more than heavy rains and some thunder and lightning, some local storms can feature gusty winds and even hail. In fact, winds alone can be enough to cause significant damage to your roof, in the form of shingle damage, punctures from tree limbs, or even structural issues.

After the storm has passed, follow these simple steps from Rogue Valley Roofing to assess whether your roof needs attention from the experts:

  1. Check your ceilings. Head up to the attic or inspect vaulted ceilings and look for signs of leaks or water damage. Signs can include water staining, water drips, and even pooling water in your attic or upper level.
  2. Keep safe. Even if you don’t see interior damage, it’s still important to inspect your roof from the outside. However, wait until all signs of the storm have cleared and do so from the ground – avoid setting foot on your roof without professional help.
  3. Watch for tree limbs. If a large limb has fallen onto your roof, do not re-enter your home until a contractor can inspect it for structural damage. Smaller limbs can cause damage, too – look for signs of punctures and clusters of foliage that can trap moisture and lead to untimely molding and deterioration issues.
  4. Inspect for shingle damage. From the ground, it’s usually fairly easy to see if your roof is missing shingles or flashing due to excessive wind gusts. However, be sure to look for signs of hail damage as well, which usually appears as small dimpling or pitting on the surface of your shingles, protrusions like ducts and vents, and even siding.
  5. Avoid excessive costs. If your roof is in need of professional repairs, contact your insurance company to determine your coverage. Whether or not the repairs are covered, however, it’s important to avoid the fly-by-night, storm chasing roofers who may appear after significant storms to offer to pay your deductible. Often, these roofing companies use inexperienced teams and may not work with your insurance, leaving you holding the bill for shoddy work.

If you’ve experienced roof damage after a recent storm, it’s time to find a professional roofing company with years of skilled experience in the business. Rogue Valley Roofing can provide you with the expert craftsmanship and quality materials you expect when it comes to your home’s roof – contact us today to request a quote.