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Can I Replace My Roof in the Winter

Winter is not the ideal time to complete major remodeling projects for your home. Weather can be unpredictable; this could expose your home to the elements, and certain construction materials need a specific temperature to place and set properly. While winter may not be ideal, you can still replace your roof, especially if you are considering a metal one.

Why Metal Roofing?

There are several reasons why metal roofing is a great option. When it comes to installation, metal roofing is quick, easy, and doesn’t have specific temperature requirements. This is an excellent option for individuals who can’t wait to replace their roofing material in the spring or summer months.

Metal roofing is also one of the longest-lasting options available. A well-maintained metal roof can last a lifetime. Maintenance is minimal, the material can last for years, and when you decide to replace it, metal roofing is sustainable and can be recycled.

Metal roofing is highly durable. Metal roofing is fire-resistant, can withstand winds over 140 mph, and can take significant blows without fear of damage. This is an excellent option for areas with weather extremes or is close to trees and other debris that could cause roofing damage.

Explore Your Options 

You can’t always wait for the perfect season to make major home repairs. If your roofing poses a hazard or risk for the winter months ahead, there is no time to waste. We can help you explore all your roofing options at Rogue Valley Roofing and ensure you are delighted with your final decision. Contact us today.