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3 Things You Can Do To Get Your Roof Ready For Fall

38385035_sGetting your roof fall-ready is probably the last thing on your mind. These last few weeks of summer are for one last trip to the lake or for relaxing in the backyard with a good book, right? Actually, if you take just a couple of days before the fall season to get your roof prepared for the high winds and heavy rains, you will be very thankful you did.

During the summer months, the weather can get very hot and your roof and roofing materials will absorb the heat and swell. This can cause things to shift and crack, leaving vulnerabilities on your roof. During the summer weather, this isn’t so much of a problem. But, once the fall weather arrives, these vulnerabilities can quickly escalate to major problems.

Some of the areas to address when getting your roof fall-ready are:

  • Professional inspection. This is a good time of year to have your roof inspected by a professional. Some areas like cracked or missing shingles or damaged weather stripping can be easily identified and repaired by a professional. But, once the fall weather arrives these areas can cause serious problems, including water damage. That is a much bigger – and more expensive – problem.
  • Clean the gutters. If you didn’t do it already this summer, now is the time to have your gutters cleaned. Your gutters are designed to act as a water diversion system so that rainwater doesn’t run off of your roof and puddle around the foundation of your home. If your gutters are clogged or blocked, they can’t do their job. In some areas, alternatives to gutters are being used to divert water. Talk with your roofing professional about options available to you.
  • Check the cutouts. This is also the time of year to make sure that any skylights, chimneys, or ventilation systems are water tight and protected. These items are great additions to your home but, are essentially cutouts in your roof. It is important to make sure that the materials that are in place to keep them water tight are in-tact.

Make sure that your roof is ready for the fall by following these easy tips. Call your roofing professional and get your inspection scheduled before the first fall storm hits.

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