Signs It’s Time for New Gutters!

Gutters can last for many years with a little TLC.  This is not without a scratch or two, but gutters tend to be very sturdy and work for many years with proper maintenance, cleanings, and regular checks.  If you have copper gutters, they can last up to 50 years!  Now that is an investment!

  • If you have any holes or cracks in your gutters and they aren’t working properly, then it is time for new gutters.
  • If the fasteners for your gutters are broken, then you should get new gutters. You can fix each fastener, but most people just decide that new ones aren’t worth the time it would take to fix each fastener.
  • Screws or nails falling out of your gutters are a bad sign. Inspect your gutters to make sure that your gutters aren’t worn too much to reattach them.
  • If your gutters are pulled away from your roof and don’t look right, then you can try to fix them with standard tools. If that doesn’t work, then you may want to replace them if they don’t look right or are too bent to look good.
  • Landscaping that is eroding because of gutters that are pooling and dumping water is an issue and should have them replaced, so they don’t start hurting the structure of your home too.
  • If you have water flooding into your home or basement because your gutters aren’t working properly, then a new set is important if you want to save your home from the next big rainstorm that comes through Medford, OR.

Consider screens and gutter accessories that make cleaning and clogging much easier to manage.  There are many ways to get your gutters into shape if they aren’t working properly.  One of the best times to replace gutters is when you have your roof repaired or replaced to make sure that they are installed by a professional!  Then you don’t have to be on a ladder or work outside in the heat! Rogue Valley Roofing in Medford, OR, is available for roof and gutter inspections if you have problems with your gutters or roof leaking!

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