Protect Your Roof in Medford from Summer Heat

Sometimes the heat in Medford, Oregon, can be extreme in the summer.  Having your roof inspected by Rogue Valley Roofing can give you the answers you need to make sure it will hold up well all year.  There are steps you can take to make sure your roof isn’t damaged by hot summer temperatures.

  1. Protect your roof against UV rays by sealing and coating it. UV rays can damage your roof over time, so having it sealed and coated will ward off these rays, and your roof will be structurally sound all year.
  2. Decrease the moisture in a roof with vapor barriers.
  3. Have the asphalt taken off your roof and install tiles or a PVC material. Asphalt attracts the heat, while other materials are made to stay cool and detract the heat.
  4. If you can paint your roof, painting it white helps keep it cool in the summer months.
  5. Stay on top of any repairs and maintenance that you need so that you can catch issues right away. Look at your roof each season to make sure it doesn’t have any damage.  If there is a storm, make sure to inspect your roof for any damage that falling branches or debris caused.
  6. If you replace your roof, consider a green roof. Recycled materials can help keep your roof cleaner, and they are also environmentally responsible.
  7. Check your attic to make sure that there isn’t any damage on the inside of your home. Checking for holes and other damage in the ceiling can alert you to an issue with your roof also.  Consider finishing or insulating your attic, so the heat on your roof doesn’t transfer into your home.  This can also save you money on energy bills!

If you are worried about your roof this summer, Rogue Valley Roofing offers inspections, repairs, and new installation to make sure that the community of Medford is ready for every season.  To discuss the options for your specific roof, contact us with any questions you have, and get an estimate for the summer heat solutions you want to initiate.

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