Do You Have Damaged Shingles?

In Medford, Oregon, asphalt shingles are a typical type of roofing.  There are some common signs of wear for an asphalt roof that, if caught early, can save you money on future repairs.  One of the best ways to find problems with your roofing in Southern Oregon is to have it inspected regularly.

  • If you have shingles that don’t have any granules one them any longer, then your shingles are ready to be replaced. Once the granules are gone, you don’t have much time before your roof gets damaged with heavy rains or high winds.
  • If you notice that your shingles curl in some areas, then they should have replacements. Curled shingles is usually an indicator that the shingle has water under it and there may be other damage in your roof or attic.  Consider an inspection this fall to make sure your roof and attic are in prime shape for late fall and winter.  If curled shingles aren’t inspected to see where the issue is in your home, then you can have major roof and home maintenance issues as the season’s pass. Consider roofing services right away, to make sure you don’t have structural damage from water leaking into your attic.
  • If you notice that you have bare spots in your roofing, you may still have the bottom part of the shingle attached, but the top part is worn out completely. Totally worn shingles mean that you probably need a new roof or many shingles replaced.  Be sure to have your roof checked, to make sure it isn’t worse than the need for a few new asphalt shingles.
  • If you notice that you have broken shingles on our roof, this can be the result of the weather over a long or harsh winter. You may have ice, snow, or debris on your roof during the cold months that damage your shingles and cause them to break.  Replacing the damaged shingles will keep your roof from leaking.
  • If you notice that your shingles are torn or warped, then it is probably because of damage from the sun. Replacing these will give you the confidence to know that your roof is ready for storm season in Oregon.


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